Fairy Magic

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A lot of kids like to believe in fairy magic.

It is one way to give the story they are reading or a movie they are watching a happy ending. The magic’s performed by the fairies with their magic wands have a lasting impression on the minds of kids.  All the children at some point or the other have a wish of wanting a fairy to perform some magic. They make up stories to make it feel real.

Most of the kids live in a world of fancy and imagination. This is because of their blind belief in fairies. One particular fairy tale that attracts the attention of all most all the kids is the story of Cinderella. Where this young girl is rescued from her cruel step mother only because of a fairy. In this story the magic by the fairy is performed first when Cinderella wants to attend a ball room dance to meet the prince but is not allowed to go because of her step sisters. So a fairy comes up and does a magic where Cinderella is transformed from her shabby clothes and slippers to a beautiful young girl. She has a very beautiful dress and beautiful shoes. She gets to go on a beautiful white chariot. But the fairy magic will work only for a limited time. The fairy warns Cinderella that her magic would get over as soon as the clock strikes 12. This makes the story of Cinderella all the more interesting.

The story of Cinderella is a very common fairy tale and every child loves this story. Not only do little girls believe in fairy tales but even little boys do. These days there are a lot of books as well as animated movies to attract the interest of the kids towards fairy tales. The magic performed by fairies is well received by all kids of all age groups.

fairy magic is a way of helping children know more games and also get themselves interested in magic. Magic by fairies will also help the kids to improve their imagination power, which will excel them to think in different possibilities when they grow up into adults. Today all the adults grew up based on the fairy tales.

Fairy Princess Themes for Birthday Parties

Posted June 7th, 2010 by admin

If you have a little girl and want to make her day special in such a way that she remembers it for years, the best way to go about it is to have a nice fairy princess birthday theme. This will always be a cherished memory for her and also her friends. Let us consider a few tips to go about it:

First of all you will have to send out invitations to all your guests in a fairy princess theme. You can do this using your computer or even buy it from a store. In your invitation encourage the children to wear white dress or a fancy dress. On the day of the birthday party decorate your room by putting up some white and pink streamers and also some matching balloons. You can place a nice poster or a framed photograph of your daughter favorite fairy. Have a nice princess music playing in the background, this will add up in creating the mood of a nice theme party.

The next step to go about is when all your daughter’s friends arrive; get them into starting an activity, like coloring a white page with fairies until all the kids arrive for the party. Make sure you have the required crayons so that they can comfortably carry on the activity, while you attend to the other guest.

Once all the kids arrive, you can easily start off by playing some fairy games. You can also have a lot of princess accessories and some fairy pictures that are hidden throughout your room and also a page which has some clues, such as a treasure hunt. Whatever the girls will find, they can either get to wear it or take it home. Encourage them to help each other till all the kids have found something or the other.

Finally, for the birthday cake or cup cakes, have the icing in the form of fairy princess. This will make it even more exciting. You can ask a teen aged girl to dress up as Cinderella and give out some gifts to all the kids present at the party. Thus a fairy party like this will surely have a lasting feel on your daughter mind.

Garden Fairies

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How to Make Garden Fairies

 Most of the kids these days love fantasy and fun.

The most common creature that attract a lot of kids these days are the garden fairies. They are creatures who take all the attention of the kids and make the live in a world of fantasy.  Most of the kids believe in fairies, so they try means and ways to attract them. These fairies also help children learn a lot of information like they help the kids learn more about nature and respect nature. The fairies from the garden also encourage the children to get more actively involved in gardening, these fairies fire the imagination of the little kids, and also teaches the children to look after the environment carefully. 

Let us now consider how to create garden fairies. You will probably need all the following items to create a fairy garden.

  • ·        You will have to plant interesting flowers and also speed up your imagination by using some bold colored tactile plants.
  • ·        You will have to decorate all the fairy statues at home in a very colorful and fun way.
  • ·        Create some secret hiding places at home, for the children as well as for the fairies.
  • ·        Making homes which have some bird boxes and also some log piles
  • ·        Making sure to feed the birds
  • ·        You will need to have some fairy lights which are trailing in the bushes
  • ·        You will even have to create a neat and good space for the fairies to leave the gifts.

If fairy tales attract you and you want to meet some fairies and want them to come to your garden, you will have to make a beautiful garden. Now let us look at the ways of attracting the fairies to the garden:

One best ways to attract the garden fairies into the garden or your life is by making a very beautiful and outstanding garden. Fairies are always pleased with natural spaces. They will gather around and your home if you have a neat and tidy natural space.  Only by gaining the true trust of the fairies will you have a long lasting relationship with them. They will bring you a lot of joy as well as blessings through our mother nature.

Facts about Fairies

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Fairies are nothing but mythological beings. The word Fairy is basically derived from the Middle English word Faierie. These mythological beings are very fascinating and attractive. Lets us look at some their characteristics.

These magical creatures are usually known to be human in their appearance but tend to possess magical powers. The origin of these angels is not very clear in the legends. Most of them in the folklore are in some form of the demons, or some kind of species who are totally independent from the humans and the angels. Some myths have also suggested that the origin of the magical fairy is only because of the conquered race of living in the hiding. They also came into origin based on religious beliefs like Christianity. However it is not much known about the origin of these creatures. 

The role of these magical creatures is to provide protection from or against any kind of malice. Some myths describe these creatures to protect the babies from being stolen. The super natural beings appear in almost all fancy tales. They are even present in modern day literature apart from the ancient and medieval literature.

Modern culture depicts fairies as small stature creatures, but olden times these creatures were tall and radiant beings that were angelic. They have magical powers. Olden day myths usually show them as beings that had magical powers to win good over evil. But today they are even used along with the evil characters of the play to protect them.

Fairies are none but those characters who use their magical powers to protect the one they choose to be with. These days there are so many fairy tales available for children which amuse them. It is these fairy tales that are told to them and they live in a world of fancy and imagination which is so much fun.

The angelic creatures in the fairy tales attract the children so much that almost all the children want to live in the characters of them. This is the reason that so many fairy tales are a big hit with the children. The mystical world attracts children’s attention and has fun and lasting effect on them.

How to See Fairies

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Almost all kids these days believe in fairies and fairy tales. They are mythological creatures. They attract the imagination of kids and also have a long time impact on their minds. To have a fairy in their life is the desire of almost all the children.

These angelic creatures also have a pleasant impact on the minds of adults. Even adults enjoy watching fairy tale movies and reading fairy tale stories. These creatures have a magical power that at some point or the other every person wants the help of these powers. A lot of people wish for these magical beings to come and help them in any tensed situation. These magical creatures are all created out of imagination. It is all in the psyche that they are created.

Mostly all kids want to meet them. To help their imagination grow let us show them some ways to attract the magical beings into their lives:

A fairy can always come into your life and stay with you if you have a nice and neat fairy tale garden. Fairies love colorful garden so you will have to have a garden with different kinds of plants and colorful flowers. Make sure you know everything about the local wild life to attract them. Always water the plants and trees to keep them healthy and make them happy. Since they love nature they will want all the plans in your garden to look healthy and happy. Make your garden organic and use only eco friendly manure to nourish it.  You could make a nice fairy home in your garden.  Have some fairy music playing when ever you are in your garden, this will attract a lot of magical beings. They love it when you talk to the plants and flowers they feel very happy and will bless you with joy and happiness.

Always be patient to all the flowers and your pets and plants in your hose. Never act rude. Fairies will never come home if you are rude to creatures that can’t talk. So be gentle with them and take good care of them. Make sure you meditate every morning in your garden; this will keep your mind fresh as well as attract your favorite fairy home.